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Welcome to Raw Dog Deli! If you're looking for high-quality, natural raw dog food, raw bones and raw cat food in the Austin area, you've come to the right place.

Kitten playing with red yarnAt Raw Dog Deli, we offer only the highest quality, natural raw pet foods and supplements available for dogs and cats. Our natural, raw pet food provides a nutritious, healthy, grain-free alternative to over-processed, dry pet food. Visit our Products page to learn about the manufacturers of raw dog and cat food that Raw Dog Deli offers.

Pug playing with a tennis ballWe've helped hundreds of pet owners make the switch to feeding their dogs and cats a natural raw diet. Feeding your dog or pet a natural raw diet can save thousands of dollars on vet bills, teeth cleanings, allergy tests and expensive "prescription diets". See our Why Feed a Raw Diet? page to learn more about the benefits of feeding a healthy, natural raw diet.

Feeding your dog or cat a raw diet is feeding the way nature intended. Raw Dog Deli will help you make the switch!  We’re here to answer your questions and help you find the best raw diet for your particular dog or cat. Check out our Raw Feeding Calculator page to learn how much raw food your dog or cat will need. The answers to the most common questions about feeding your dog or cat a raw diet can be found in our Raw Feeding FAQ page. And we will even deliver your raw pet food right to your door for free in the Austin area!

English Bulldog eating a raw boneStart feeding a raw diet and watch your pet’s health improve, the dull coat turn shiny, the allergies disappear, that doggy smell go away, your cat’s bladder problems disappear, and the large landmines in your backyard turn to specks.  The benefits of feeding a natural, raw diet are endless.  You will wonder why you didn't switch to a raw diet sooner!

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